Services for traders

Services for traders

As you know, the biggest enemy of a trader on the market is himself and his emotions.

The specialists of Gerchik & Co. have developed an excellent program that can protect the trader from himself and limit losses on the deposit at the moment when the trader (and we are all living people), succumbing to their emotions, can go, what is called “into the fray” start doing stupid things, going all out on your trading account.

System settings imply limiting losses for a day, a week and even a month. It is possible to set not only the monetary equivalent of losses, but also the maximum number of losing trades per day, week, month. When the specified value is reached, trading stops automatically. This allows the trader to cool down, calm down, and return to a normal emotional and psychological state.

Trader statistics

The benefits of statistics and the need to keep a trader’s trade journals have been spoken and discussed more than once. Despite the skeptics’ objections, I think you will agree that a speculator who does not know his statistics and does not keep a log of his transactions is like a blind kitten in a dark closet poking around in every corner in search of a bowl of milk.

So, the statistics service from Gerchik & Co is an improved analogue of the trader’s journal, which online records all operations and actions on the trading account, performed during the day. Such information helps to make an objective “debriefing”, work on errors and outline ways to correct them.

The analytics, which is formed in 1-2 minutes, has 77 charts and graphs, 37 indicators of your trading in numbers and 21 pivot tables. In short, there is a place to “roam” to analyze your trade.

Trader calculator

How many of you find it difficult to manually calculate the value of a point, the size and level of risk, the size of the margin, the size of profit / loss – the trader’s calculator on the Gerchik & Co. website will easily do it for you. You and I, like no one else, know that a mistake in calculations when opening a position can be very expensive! We mentioned in detail about the service “Trading Algorithm Designer from Gerchik & Co” and the importance of creating my own trading system in one of the articles, so there is no point in repeating what has already been said.

Trader calculator

Level Forecast indicator

What is this Level Forecast beast? This is a unique authoring development of the Level Forecast team especially for the broker Gerchik & Co, which has become a know-how among similar services and still remains an exclusive tool in the Forex market. The service calculates Time Level and Price Levels.

Application of this indicator will help to find and determine:

  • Entry points.
  • Pattern models of technical analysis.
  • Support and resistance levels.
  • Predict further developments.
  • Possible points of trend direction change and its temporary stagnation.
  • Momentum in the direction of the trend.
  • Moment of abnormal movement is higher than the standard ATR.
  • The relationship between the level of time and price.

All constructions are made automatically and can serve as a basis for building your own trading system.


The presented service is also know-how for trading, on which traders, IT specialists, mathematicians and practicing psychologists worked. PSY Quation is a warning system that works throughout the entire trading process. The robot informs about any changes in the market and informs the trader where he made a mistake and what actions led to success. The service operates on the basis of the cloud, contains many algorithms, and warns in three ways (via a browser, SMS and email).


An innovative service created specifically for investors who want to make trading as profitable as possible with the minimum investment of time and effort. The powerful and at the same time convenient functionality of the service contains hundreds of thousands of trading packages. Therefore, the investor is not limited in the choice of strategies and focuses only on what kind of profit he wants to get. The service will do the rest: it will control the trading process, where it will take into account each change in the market situation and enable (or disable) a certain trading package. Therefore, it is easy and simple to create a profitable investment portfolio with RoboX.