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  1. Rattner: China's Economy, Still Strong
  2. Global Markets Update: ECB Cuts Deposit Rate to Zero
  3. Dollar Lifts, Euro Falls, Australian Employment Disappoints
  4. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  5. Money In Motion: Trading the Euro
  6. Central Bank Rate Cuts Hurting Carry Trades?
  7. Markets Across Europe Close
  8. Bizarre Case of Failed Broker Becomes Even Stranger
  9. Show the Yen Some Love: Strategists
  10. Why It's Time to Sell the Euro
  11. Commodities Tomorrow: US Treasury Expands Sanctions on Iran
  12. Currency Class: ABC Pullback Model
  13. Mad Money, July 12, 2012
  14. Markets Await JPMorgan 'Whale' Report—And Friday the 13th
  15. China Logs Slowest Quarterly Growth Since 2009
  16. Aussie Firm After China GDP; Italy Downgrade Weighs on Euro*
  17. Investors are Running for Cover
  18. China to Rebound in H2
  19. Riding the Frontier Wave
  20. Singapore Quarterly GDP Contraction Bad Omen for Asia
  21. US Cracks Down on Iran’s Use of Front Companies
  22. Dash for Cash That Heralds Painful Freeze
  23. Commodity Falls Spark Investor Rethink
  24. Italy Downgrade Keeps Euro Pinned Near 2-Year Lows
  25. India's Exports Fall 5.5%, but Trade Deficit Narrows
  26. Global Markets Update: Italian Bonds Downgraded
  27. Dueling Solutions on Euro Crisis
  28. Euro Slips, Chinese GDP Hits Target
  29. Believe the Risk Rally
  30. Bernanke Out of Bullets?
  31. Gold Breakout Coming?
  32. Italy to Jump Before Greece?
  33. The Buck Stops Here
  34. Money In Motion Web Extra: Insomniac's Delight
  35. Mad Money, July 13, 2012
  36. Chinese Rate Cut?
  37. The Week Ahead: Earnings Season in Earnest
  38. Your Fed-Speak Trading Plan
  39. Will Bernanke Hint of QE3?
  40. Australia: the Best Medium Term Shorting Opportunity?
  41. US Banks Significantly Under-Capitalized
  42. Investment Strategy
  43. Gauging the Euro's Tipping Point
  44. Euro Holds Steady vs. Dollar, Focus on Bernanke
  45. Can Chinese Data be Trusted?
  46. Gold Steady as Investors Await Bernanke Outlook
  47. Markets Not Expecting Much From Bernanke
  48. Global Markets Update: Euro Continues to Weaken
  49. Euro Slips, Dollar Dips, Singapore Gets a Lift
  50. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  51. Is Gold Ready to Shine Again?
  52. Is Gold 'Dead' Money?
  53. Advisory Board Member - Clifford S. Asness
  54. Markets Across Europe Close Lower
  55. Advisory Board Member - Jim O'Neill
  56. When Safe Havens Become Bubbles
  57. Gold Slips After Fed Holds Off Stimulus Clues
  58. Hopes of Silver Lining in Negative Bond Yields
  59. Sicily Default Fears Add to Monti’s Woes
  60. Global Markets Update: European Shares Higher
  61. Dollar Lifts, British Pound Slips
  62. Power Broker Sees Profit Potential in Europe
  63. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  64. North Korean Leader Has a New Title: Marshal
  65. A Stock Picker's Market?
  66. Weill: Time to Separate Investment Banks
  67. Euro Stays Vulnerable, British Pound Takes a Hit
  68. Wall Street Legend Weill: Breaking Up Big Banks
  69. Finding Value Amid Europe's Fiscal Crisis
  70. Will the Euro Survive?
  71. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  72. Markets Across Europe Close Flat
  73. Santelli: Egan-Jones Downgrades Italy
  74. Stimulating the Markets
  75. Commodities Tomorrow: Possible Fed Easing & Oil Prices
  76. Are Fiat Currencies Headed for a Collapse?
  77. Earnings Already Telling the Tale of Lower GDP
  78. Euro Gains After Merkel, Hollande Support Euro
  79. Japan Core CPI Falls, Deflation Set to Persist
  80. Aussie Dollar to Remain Resilient: Pro
  81. Global Markets Update: Shares Spike on ECB Hopes
  82. What Are the Big Issues for the Markets?
  83. Euro Rally Fizzles, GDP Report Looms
  84. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  85. Euro Rallies on Merkel Comments
  86. Euro at Current Level Still Expensive: Pro
  87. Outlook for Toyota
  88. Still Room to Short the Euro: Pro
  89. Jobs Data Dents Dollar, Yen Safety Bid; Euro Rallies
  90. Playing Defense in Japan Equities
  91. Global Markets Update: Stocks Head Higher
  92. Dollar Slips, Euro Steadies, Payrolls Await
  93. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  94. Trader's Buzz from the Floor
  95. Euro-Dollar Parity Could Happen: Strategist
  96. Go Long Dollar Yen
  97. ECB Working on Rescue Plan for Europe
  98. Mad Money, August 6, 2012
  99. Commodities Tomorrow: Oil Prices Rise
  100. BOK to Stand Pat This Week
  101. Silver Lake's Integra Deal to Boost Company Profile on the ASX
  102. $1.08 is the Next Key Resistance Level for the AUD
  103. Leighton: A Victim of Its Own Success?
  104. Euro Steady Near 1-Month High; Aussie Eyes RBA
  105. RBA to Stay on Hold for Awhile
  106. Mad Money, August 20, 2012
  107. Busch: How to Trade the Rise in Rates and the FOMC Minutes
  108. Commodities Tomorrow: Platinum Up Again
  109. Your Currency Trade on the Stock Market Rally
  110. Impact From More QE Is Overstated
  111. German Support Is Crucial for the Euro Zone's Future
  112. Could Euro Head Towards 1.19?
  113. What's the RBI's Next Move
  114. Euro Listless on ECB Doubts, Seen Vulnerable
  115. Yen to Fall 6% Against the Dollar in the Short-Term: Chart
  116. Will Yuan's Decline Reignite Trade Tensions With US?
  117. Euro Could Reach 1.30 in the Short-Term
  118. Euro Jumps on Report Spain May Seek Bailout
  119. Not Worth Going Long on AUD Above 1.05: Pro
  120. Irish Business Hit as Loan Refusals Soar
  121. Global Markets Update
  122. Investing in Global Markets
  123. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  124. What Europe Really Needs
  125. Fed Action Likely but Jury Still Out on What Kind: Hatzius
  126. Ways to Play India's Boom
  127. Storm Alert: How September Could Shake Up Markets
  128. Will Investors Be Jaundiced After Jackson Hole?
  129. Buzz Ahead of Bernanke
  130. Currency Plays Ahead of Jackson Hole
  131. More Fed Easing Ahead?
  132. Your Euro Play on Jackson Hole
  133. Commodities Tomorrow: Oil Prices Under Pressure
  134. Fed Won't Ease Now or in September: Feldstein
  135. Will Bernanke Give the Market What It Wants?
  136. The World's Worst Central Bankers
  137. Profiting From Next Week's Jobs Report
  138. More QE3 Coming?
  139. Money In Motion, August 31, 2012
  140. Your Safe Harbor Trade for an Eventful Weekend
  141. Does China Slowdown Signal Global Recession?
  142. The Buck Stops Here
  143. Money In Motion Web Extra
  144. Mad Money, August 31, 2012
  145. The Week Ahead: It's All About Jobs
  146. Your Currency Trade on Bernanke's Speech
  147. ECB Action: Too Little Too Late
  148. Are Markets Positioning for a Bout of Dollar Bashing?
  149. Short AUD, China Slowdown Will See Aussie Move to Parity: Pro
  150. China Will Ensure Its Headline GDP Looks Good: Analyst
  151. Short Term Market Uncertainty
  152. ECB Bond-Buying Plan Still On Track
  153. Draghi to Meet Market Expectations
  154. Euro Pushes Higher on ECB Hopes, Aussie Eyes RBA
  155. Little ECB Can Do to Lift Euro Out of Bear Territory
  156. Cameron Seeks to Inject Fighting Spirit
  157. AUD May See Short-Term Bounce, But Medium-Term Looks Bearish
  158. Global Markets Update: EU on Downgrade Watch
  159. A Downer Outlook Down Under
  160. Euro Lifts, and the European Central Bank's Draghi Talks Tough
  161. Commodities Tomorrow: All About the ECB
  162. Markets React to Bill Gross's Tweet
  163. Why a German Recession Could Hurt the Euro
  164. Currency Trades Ahead of ECB Decision
  165. Markets Across Europe Close Lower
  166. Mad Money, September 4, 2012
  167. Euro Slips Slightly but Seen Supported Ahead of ECB
  168. Euro Slips, Safe Havens Lift, European Central Bank Meeting Looms
  169. Santelli's Morning Bond Update
  170. Trading the Higher Euro
  171. Does Your 401(k) Have an Annuity?
  172. A Two-Faced Strategy to Playing the Election
  173. Why Your House May Be Underinsured
  174. Markets Across Europe Rise on Draghi Report
  175. Fine-Tuning Your Global Economy Portfolio
  176. How to Trade the European Central Bank Meeting
  177. Rose Colored Glasses Don't Fit These Pros
  178. Turning High Oil Prices Into a Currency Trade
  179. The Week Ahead: More Fed Easing?
  180. Mad Money, September 7, 2012
  181. Money In Motion Web Extra: Overnight Trading
  182. Markets Crave Stimulus—Will the Fed Give Them Their Fix?
  183. ECB Bond Buying Plan Won't Do Much
  184. Euro Slips but Cushioned by Fed Easing Hopes
  185. Japan's Economy Has Been Hit by a Truck
  186. Bejing did Too Much to Slow the Economy
  187. Euro to Drop Further
  188. Commodities Tomorrow: Traders Staying Neutral
  189. Markets in Nervous Holding Pattern
  190. Who Will Makes us Richer in Four Years?
  191. Santelli's Take on Chicago's Teacher's Strike
  192. Dissecting Italian PM Mario Monti
  193. The King of Commodity Currencies
  194. Mad Money, September 10, 2012
  195. China's Consumption Remains Soft
  196. Scale of Euro Shorts Have Halved
  197. Euro off High, Capped Below 200-Day Average
  198. Europe's Crisis Not Over, Faith in Euro Needed: IMF
  199. Gold Will Keep Going Higher
  200. Getting Behind the Fed's Thinking
  201. Japan Needs QE
  202. Fed Easing Saps Dollar, Euro Hits 4-Month High
  203. Techs Suffering the Most From Europe's Slowdown
  204. Get Back Into Markets
  205. No RBI Move Seen on Monday
  206. BAE Warns on Political Influence in EADS
  207. Fed Easing ‘Kamikaze’ for the US Dollar: Analyst
  208. Surge in iPhone 5 Sales Forecast
  209. High Frequency Trading Hurting Small Investors?
  210. Are Risk On Currencies Running Out of Steam?
  211. Dow Slides
  212. What's Next? $90 Oil?
  213. Mad Money, September 19, 2012
  214. US 'Fiscal Cliff' Is a Big Deal
  215. Analyzing the BOJ's Recent Moves
  216. Yen in Surprise Rebound; NZD Lifted by GDP
  217. Jobless Claims Data Tops the List
  218. BAE-EADS Deal on Summit Agenda
  219. Indians Strike Against Reform Plans
  220. Investors Refine
  221. AUD Not a Good Bet For USD Plays as China Weighs: Pro
  222. Global Markets: EU Shares Drop After PMI Data
  223. Euro Slips, Yen Recovers, China Data Is a Downer
  224. Euro Slides On Euro Zone Recession Worries
  225. Weekly Jobless Claims Drop to 382,000
  226. Fed Cannot Ignore Harm Caused by Housing Bust: Bullard
  227. 12-Step Guide to Helping the Euro Zone Sober Up
  228. Global Markets: Spanish Bailout Hopes Boost EU Shares
  229. Dalio on QE3 and US Dollar
  230. What Worries Hedge Fund Titan Ray Dalio?
  231. Possible Downturn in US Economy: Ray Dalio
  232. Sharpening America's Competitive Edge
  233. China's Troubles Continue to Plague Investors
  234. Euro Lifts, Brazil Talks Tough
  235. Is This a Recovery in Name Only?
  236. Why This Chart Could Mean Money In Your Pocket
  237. Which Is Least Ugly: Yen, Euro or Dollar?
  238. Buy Gold or Silver?
  239. Which Currency Has Value Now?
  240. The Buck Stops Here
  241. Money In Motion Web Extra
  242. Mad Money, September 21, 2012
  243. The Week Ahead: UNH Joins the Dow
  244. How to Trade Currencies' 'Ugly Contest'
  245. Market Expects More Drama Heading Into Fourth Quarter
  246. Euro Slips, Italy Borrows, Brazil Cuts a Forecast
  247. Is Fed Policy Damaging the US Dollar?
  248. EU Shares Mixed Ahead of Spanish Budget
  249. Corporate America Sweats as US Nears ‘Fiscal Cliff’
  250. Countdown to Election Day