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  1. Forex: EUR/USD back above 1.2200
  2. Forex: USD/CAD inching below trend line support
  3. Forex Flash: Clearer signs of QE3 needed before turnaround for EUR/USD may be eyed -
  4. U.S. 30-Year Bond sold at 3.0% with 2.70 covered and $13B as amount
  5. US Jun Monthly Budget shows $60.B deficit in June
  6. Forex Flash: USD/JPY remains influenced by external factors - BBH
  7. Forex: GBP/USD dip reaches 5-week low
  8. Forex Flash: USD supported by Fed minutes – UBS
  9. Forex: AUD/CAD drop arrives at 1.0330, down +1%
  10. Forex Flash: S&P 500 selloff likely next week - RBS
  11. Forex: EUR/CAD touches 1.2445, new all-time low
  12. Forex Flash: USD to trade with a stronger tone in the week ahead - BBH
  13. Forex Flash: EUR weak and weaker - TD Securities
  14. Forex: USD/CAD backs away from 1.0250
  15. Forex Flash: USD should reverse some of recent gains in second half of 2012 - Wells F
  16. Forex: EUR/USD finds support at 1.2165 and tests 1.2200
  17. Forex: GBP/USD looks under 1.5400
  18. Forex: AUD/USD threatens 1.0100
  19. Forex: USD/CAD up to 1.0250 high
  20. Forex Flash: €483B drop in ECB’s deposit facility in one day – TD Securities
  21. Forex: USD/JPY on its down track, 79.17
  22. Wall Street falls despite jobs data
  23. Forex Flash: USD Strategy views – Westpac
  24. Forex: GBP/USD plunges to 1.5416
  25. Forex Flash: EUR/USD next big target at 1.1875 - BBH
  26. Troika approves next bailout tranche for Ireland
  27. Forex: USD/CHF retreats from maximum, trading at 0.9852
  28. Forex Flash: USD/INR med term bullish - Commerzbank
  29. Forex: Euro stays weak across the board
  30. Forex Flash: EUR/SEK with medium term negative outlook - Commerzbank
  31. Forex: NZD/USD stabilizing above 0.7880
  32. Gold extends decline to 1556
  33. Canada: New Housing Price Index (MoM) rise by 0.3% in May
  34. US: Initial Jobless Claims less than expected, 350K in July 12
  35. US: Import Price Index (MoM) falls, -2.7% in June
  36. US: Import Price Index (MoM) falls 2.7% in Jun; (YoY) drops 2.6%
  37. US: Jun Export Price Index (MoM) decreases 1.7%; (YoY) falls 2.1%
  38. Forex Flash: BoJ succumbs to mission creep – UBS
  39. Canada May New Housing Price Index (YoY): 2.4%; 0.3% (MoM)
  40. Forex Flash: Kiwi could fall to 0.7650 in month ahead – Westpac
  41. Forex Flash: AUD/USD seen weaker in the medium- to longer term – HSBC
  42. Forex Flash: Considerable appeal in Bund flatteners - Rabobank
  43. U.S. stocks’ losing streak continues
  44. Forex Flash: GBP/USD: Conditions are likely to remain supportive for the USD – BBH
  45. Forex Flash: EUR/USD sell-off defies models - TDS
  46. Forex Flash: BoJ to expand easing by at least JPY10trn before end-2012 - Danske Bank
  47. Forex: AUD/USD drops 1%, eyes on China data
  48. Forex Flash: BoK rate cut should help put a bottom in USD/KRW - Westpac
  49. Forex: RSI shows EUR/AUD recovering from sub-30
  50. Japan Industrial Production (YoY) 6% in May
  51. Japan May Industrial Production (MoM) -3.4%
  52. Japan May Capacity Utilization -2.2%
  53. Forex: GBP/USD quiet above 1.54 ahead of Europe
  54. Forex: EUR/USD above 1.2200 after China GDP
  55. Forex: GBP/JPY consolidates around 122.50
  56. Forex Flash: AUD/JPY allows for some pull back in the coming months - NAB
  57. Forex: AUD/NZD top heavy post-China data
  58. Forex: AUD/JPY unchanged after China GDP
  59. Forex: AUD/USD - China GDP greeted with bid orders
  60. China: Economy grows steady at 1.8% in Q2
  61. China 2Q Gross Domestic Product (YoY) falls to 7.6% vs 8.1%
  62. China Jun Retail Sales (YoY) 13.7%
  63. China Gross Domestic Product (QoQ) remains at 1.8% in 2Q
  64. Forex: EUR/JPY gently bid as China data looms near
  65. Forex Flash: BoK cut is short-term negative for the Korean won - Standard Chartered
  66. Forex Flash: Singapore economy to bounce back in H2 - ANZ
  67. Forex Flash: Global data raises concerns for risky currencies to remain bid - Westpac
  68. Forex: GBP/USD bearish while below 1.5460 – V.Bednarik
  69. Forex Flash: BoJ unlikely to ease proactively anytime soon - Nomura
  70. Forex Flash: Market tempted to seek AUD/USD parity; China GDP to have last say - NAB
  71. Forex: AUD/USD at session lows post-Tokyo
  72. Forex: Asia turns risk-off after Italian downgrade
  73. Moody's downgrades Italyto Baa2; negative outlook
  74. Forex: EUR/USD hovers around 1.22, China data awaited
  75. Forex: USD/JPY outlook bearish – V.Bednarik
  76. Forex Flash: Genuine shift in preference of € as ugly/funding currency - NAB
  77. Spain: HICP (MoM) falls 0.2% in Jun; (YoY) up 1.8%
  78. Spain Consumer Price Index (MoM) decreases 0.2% in Jun; 1.9% (YoY)
  79. Forex Flash: CBR (Russia) to leave rates unchanged – TD Securities
  80. Forex flash: What will it take to “fix” Europe? - Wells Fargo
  81. Forex Flash: EUR/USD should decline further to 1.2053 - Commerzbank
  82. Asian markets rose on Chinese data
  83. Forex Flash: Yen bull-trend intact; directionless USD/JPY the exception - JPMorgan
  84. Forex Flash: NZD/USD, move lower favoured - Westpac
  85. Forex: USD/JPY practically unchanged ahead of US data release
  86. Forex: EUR/GBP plunges back to 3-year low, 0.7870
  87. Forex: GBP/USD accelerates above 1.5470
  88. Forex: EUR/USD drops to lower side of range
  89. Forex Flash: EUR/USD: Near term resistance is 1.2336; GBP/USD: Risk is for a move to
  90. Forex Flash: British pound largely stationary after recent announcements – UBS
  91. European markets rise on China
  92. Forex: NZD/USD kiwi makes splash at midday
  93. USD/CAD takes a tumble during European trading
  94. Forex Flash: EUR/USD downside limited by speculation next week - Commerzbank
  95. Forex Flash: Lower cost of funding in the UK with the FLS – TD Securities
  96. Forex Flash: Chinese monetary changes may be on the rise – NAB
  97. Forex Flash: Moody’s fails to change the landscape of the Italian bond market with do
  98. Italian 3-y Bond Auction: 4.65%
  99. Forex: USD/JPY sideways at 79.20/30 area
  100. Solid demand at Italian debt auction, yields fall
  101. Forex: EUR/USD tests 1.2200 after Italian improved yield
  102. Forex: GBP/USD extends bounce to 1.5450
  103. Italy Consumer Price Index (MoM) (Jun): 0.2% vs 0% (May)
  104. Italy: Jun CPI (EU Norm) (MoM) up 0.2%; (YoY) grows 3.6%
  105. Forex: AUD/USD stabilizes at 1.0165
  106. Forex Flash: Chinese slowdown may pressure authorities to offer stimulus – Deutsche B
  107. Forex Flash: China’s turnaround could be on the cards – Danske Bank
  108. Forex Flash: Chinese data not earthshaking – NAB
  109. Forex Flash: ECB may have failed its attemp to re-start the interbank market - Raboba
  110. Forex: GBP/USD bounce capped at 1.5440/50
  111. Forex: USD/CHF extends its advance
  112. Switzerland: Producer and Import Prices fall 0.3% in June
  113. Forex: EUR/USD down after Italian downgrade ahead of auction
  114. Switzerland: Producer and Import Prices (MoM) fall 0.3%; (YoY) drop 2.2%
  115. Forex Flash: Rising prices could push up French inflation far above 2% - ING
  116. Forex: USD/CHF trading at 0.9855
  117. US: Producer Price Index rises 0.1% in June
  118. US: Jun Producer Price Index ex Food & Energy (YoY) rises 2.6%; (MoM) grows 0.2%
  119. US Jun Producer Price Index (MoM) up to 0.1%; 0.7% (YoY)
  120. Forex Flash: USD strength to resume after this bout of consolidation - BBH
  121. U.S. stocks rally on JPMorgan; Dow and S&P end 6-day losing stretch
  122. Forex Flash: EUR/USD to continue to trend lower in the coming week – BBH
  123. Forex Flash: Canadian job quality to slow - CIBC
  124. Forex: USD/JPY erases intraday losses, ending down for the week
  125. Forex Flash: AUD/CAD has topped - TDS
  126. Forex Flash: Look for opportunities to buy into USD/CAD weakness - TD Securities
  127. Forex Flash: EUR/USD likely to remain sideways - Commerzbank
  128. Forex Flash: USD/CHF: Short-term bounce in euro would help the franc - Wells Fargo
  129. Forex: EUR/GBP slips to new multi-year low
  130. Forex Flash: Stay tuned for Fed’s QE3 - Wells
  131. Forex: EUR/JPY fails to hold above 97.00
  132. Forex Flash: Euro Selling Continues - UBS
  133. Forex Flash: ECB rates can go sub-zero - RBS
  134. Forex Flash: USD/JPY likely to weaken next week - BBH
  135. Forex Flash: EUR/USD still bearish over the longer term - Wells Fargo
  136. Forex: EUR/USD rally stalls at 1.2255
  137. Forex: GBP/USD extends gains above 1.5550
  138. Wall Street rises after China's data; banks lead
  139. Forex: USD/CAD still on its low, 1.0130
  140. Forex: AUD/USD the rise continues, threatens resistance
  141. Forex Flash: China activity may not bottom out until mid Q3 - Commerzbank
  142. Forex Flash: US growth revised down – Danske Bank
  143. Forex: Yen crosses rises on sudden flip in market sentiment
  144. Forex Flash: Summer is here, time for euro shorts – UBS
  145. Forex: EUR/GBP bounces from 0.7862 low
  146. Spanish government passes new austerity program
  147. Forex: USD/CAD plunges on higher sentiment
  148. Forex: USD/CHF sudden reversal, trading near support
  149. US: Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index lower at 72.0 in July
  150. US: Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (Jul): 72 vs 73.2 (Jun)
  151. Forex: GBP/USD jumps above 1.5500 again
  152. Forex: EUR/USD stages sudden bounce after new low
  153. Forex Flash: Gold to break $100 lower…? - RBS
  154. Forex Flash: AUD/USD targeting parity – MIG Bank
  155. Forex Flash: Our year-end EURUSD forecast is 1.15 - UBS
  156. Forex: GBP/USD retreats after spike to 1.5507
  157. Forex: EUR/USD new day, new 2-year low
  158. Forex Flash: Euro fallout of Italian downgrade – UBS
  159. EU Consumer Price Index - Core (YoY) steadies at 1.6% in Jun
  160. Forex Flash: USD/BRL to break out eventually of 2.1951/1.9741 range - Commerzbank
  161. Forex Flash: Sterling’s gains vs. the EUR are a function of the negative tone in the
  162. Forex: USD/JPY tests 79.00
  163. Forex Flash: NZD/USD is a boom or bust prospect this week – Westpac
  164. Forex Flash: WPI in India eyed after RBI comments – TD Securities
  165. Forex Flash: What will drive the greenback this week – Deutsche Bank
  166. Forex Flash: EUR/PLN to rise while above 4.1599 and 4.1493 - Commerzbank
  167. Forex: NZD/USD stabilizes at 0.7958
  168. Italy: Global Trade deficit shifts to €1.008B surplus in May; Trade surplus EU narrow
  169. Forex Flash: Declining FX volatility - UBS
  170. Forex: USD/CHF extends its advance, trades above 0.9800
  171. Forex: AUD/USD hovering over 1.0200
  172. Forex Flash: EUR/GBP targets 2011-2012 channel, at 0.7811 - Commerzbank
  173. Forex Flash: Final approval on Spanish rescue package - RBS
  174. Forex: EUR/JPY re-approaching Friday’s low
  175. Forex: GBP/USD in session lows
  176. Forex Flash: Retail Sales in the US to be supported by auto sales – TD Securities
  177. Forex Flash: EUR all time lows against AUD, NZD and CAD - UBS
  178. Forex Flash: EUR/USD rebound to fail ahead of 1.2287 – Commerzbank
  179. Asian markets drop rise on Monday, except for Chinese stocks
  180. Forex: EUR/USD lower ahead of EMU CPI
  181. Forex: GBP/USD steady below 1.56 ahead of key data this week
  182. Forex: EUR/USD turns lower in thin markets
  183. Forex Flash: SGD outperformance may be coming to an end - Westpac
  184. Forex Flash: AUD the least attractive currency at current levels - Westpac
  185. Forex: EUR/AUD hovers just off historic lows
  186. Gloomy predictions for the Australian housing sector; more rate cuts needed says HIA
  187. Forex Flash: Buy Korean Won vs. US Dollar and Euro - Standard Chartered
  188. Forex Flash: Take profit on EUR/USD shorts; further weakness expected - Standard Char
  189. Forex Flash: AUD at risk of additional pressure - NAB
  190. Forex: EUR/JPY inches back below 97.00
  191. Forex Flash: Sell EUR/USD rallies - TDS
  192. Moody's warns Australia on credit ratings
  193. Forex Flash: Upcoming China's state council meeting may signal more policy easing - N
  194. Forex Flash: USD/JPY technicals suggest negative implications - TDS
  195. BUZZ-USD/JPY-Offered tone ahead of strong support
  196. Doubts remain on accuracy over China's GDP figures - FT
  197. Forex: AUD/USD sees good rotation around 1.0200
  198. China's Wen still highlighting struggles of the economy - Xinhua
  199. Forex: AUD/USD remains capped below 1.0250
  200. Forex: EUR/USD hits fresh daily high
  201. Forex: GBP/USD extends gains to 1.5640
  202. Forex Flash: UK CPI to continue its descent; CPI rate 2.7% YoY in June - RBS
  203. Forex: EUR/USD bounce capped by 1.2250
  204. Forex Flash: USD/CAD to continue ranging – TD Securities
  205. Forex Flash: USD/ZAR remains a fragile buy – Deutsche Bank
  206. Forex Flash: Further euro weakness; EUR/USD end-2012 target is 1.15 - UBS
  207. Wall Street falls after retail sales
  208. IMF lowers global growth forecast
  209. Forex Flash: EUR/NOK could visit 7.2165 – Danske Bank
  210. Forex: EUR/JPY at its lows, 96.20
  211. US: Business Inventories up 0.3% in May
  212. Forex Flash: EUR/USD with scope for a test of 1.2300 area – MIG Bank
  213. Forex Flash: FX markets to remain in a sideways mode unless clear message from Bernan
  214. Forex: USD/JPY falls further in European trading, trades at 78.72
  215. US Business Inventories remains at 0.3% in May
  216. Forex Flash: EUR could see some recovery against the USD and GBP – Danske Bank
  217. Forex: GBP/USD breaks above 1.5600
  218. Forex: EUR/GBP hits fresh 3 ½-year low
  219. Forex Flash: WTI and Brent expected to average at $106 and $97 in 2H12 – Merrill Lync
  220. Forex Flash: Any rally in gold fragile until Fed shows strong commitment to further Q
  221. Forex: USD/CAD positive after data in Canada
  222. Forex AUD/USD bounces from 1.0200 area
  223. Forex: USD/CHF declines fast toward 0.9800 after US Data
  224. Forex: GBP/USD erases losses after US data, tests 1.5600
  225. Forex: EUR/USD trimming losses after US data
  226. Forex Flash: Poor US Retail Sales data might push the Fed to adopt QE3 – ING
  227. Forex Flash: USD index high, possible further lengthening of USD longs - Rabobank
  228. Forex: NZD/USD recovers slightly to 0.7950 after poor US data
  229. Canada: Foreign Portfolio Investment rose to $26.1 billion in May
  230. Forex Flash: Greenback pumps the brakes – Deutsche Bank
  231. US: Retail Sales contracted 0.5% in June
  232. US: NY Empire State index rose to 7.39 in July
  233. Forex: USD/JPY operating below 79.00 after US data
  234. Canada Foreign portfolio investment in Canadian securities increase to $26.11B in May
  235. U:S Retail Sales (MoM) fall 0.5% in Jun; ex Autos drop 0.4%
  236. Forex: EUR/JPY at 6-week lows
  237. US: NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Jul): 7.39 vs 2.29 (Jun)
  238. Canadian portfolio investment in foreign securities decreases to $-1.32B in May from
  239. Forex Flash: USD/JPY technical bias looks bullish – Wells Fargo
  240. Forex Flash: AUD/USD looks increasingly attractive – Danske Bank
  241. Forex: USD/CAD falls to 2-week low
  242. Forex: GBP/USD tests 1.5645
  243. Forex: NZD/USD reanimated in European session
  244. Forex Flash: USD/CAD should cap at 1.0220-50 for now - Commerzbank
  245. Forex Flash: European transgressions echo a gloomy tone – Deutsche Bank
  246. US: EIA Crude Oil Stocks drop by 0.809M in July-13 week
  247. Fed Bernanke testifies before House Panel
  248. US Jul 13 EIA Crude Oil Stocks: -0.809M
  249. Forex: US Dollar Index up ahead of Beige Book
  250. Forex: AUD/USD prints new 2-month highs