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  1. USD Index Breaks Out Ahead Of China GDP, AUD To Falter On RBA Policy
  2. Crude Oil, Gold May Rise if Fed Minutes Boost QE3 Expectations
  3. Dollar Lacking the Oomph to Capitalize on 2-Year EURUSD Lows
  4. EURUSD: Trading the Federal Open Market Committee Minutes
  5. EUR/USD Graphic Rewind: Euro Establishes New Low for the Year
  6. NZDUSD at Key Juncture- Broader Outlook Sets Stage for Short Scalps
  7. USD To Hold Range Ahead Of FOMC Minutes, Further JPY Strength On Tap
  8. Euro Continues to Struggle Despite Agreement on Spanish Bailout
  9. Euro Targets Fresh 2012 Lows, ECB To Endorse Further Rate Cuts
  10. Crude Oil, Gold Aim Higher as Risk Appetite Rebound Weighs on Dollar
  11. Dollar Gains on China Trade Data, May Pull Back Before FOMC Minutes
  12. USD Graphic Rewind: Fear Induced Rally Erases EU Losses
  13. US Dollar to Fall if Markets Find Support for QE3 Bets in FOMC Minutes
  14. Guest Commentary: Cristiano Ronaldo Could be transferred from Real Madrid to the ECB
  15. Euro Outlook Remains Bearish, Eyes 2010 Low On Bets For ECB Rate Cut
  16. Commodities Sink as Global Slowdown Fears Grip Financial Markets
  17. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 07.12.2012
  18. BoJ Tremors Shake Euro Below Key 1.2200 Level
  19. US Dollar, Yen Aim to Extend Gains as Risk Aversion Grips Markets
  20. Guest Commentary: Range Trading - How to Trade the Range Without Going Extreme
  21. Dollar Jumps after FOMC Minutes Squash QE3 Hopes, Still No Trend
  22. AUDUSD: Trading Australia
  23. USD Index Looks To FOMC Minutes For Direction, GBP To Hold Range
  24. Euro Relief Rally To Be Tamed By Growth Concerns, Dovish ECB
  25. Guest Commentary: Time to Call Time on More QE
  26. USD at July Highs as Dow Falls for 6th Straight Day- China GDP on Tap
  27. Dollar Awaiting Chinese GDP, US Earnings to Back New Highs
  28. EURUSD: Trading the U. of Michigan Confidence Report
  29. Italian Bond Prices Rise in Today’s Auction Despite Moody’s Downgrade
  30. Crude Oil, Gold Rise as Risk Appetite Corrects Higher into Week-End
  31. Dollar at Risk as Neutral China GDP Opens Door for Sentiment Recovery
  32. Euro To Slide Further On Contagion Fear - Pound Eyes CPI, BoE Minutes
  33. Dollar Tumbles Into Weekend
  34. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 07.13.2012
  35. UPDATE: Aussie, Euro Surge After Quiet Performance Overnight
  36. USD Outlook Remains Bullish Ahead Of Key Events, GBP Looks Higher
  37. USD Graphic Rewind: USDollar at Odds with Equities
  38. RBA Minutes in Focus for Australian Dollar amid Otherwise Thin Docket
  39. New Zealand Dollar Eyes Inflation Data amid Empty Docket
  40. US Dollar: Time to Shine as European Troubles Not Going Anywhere
  41. British Pound Traders May Overlook BoE Minutes On Higher Inflation
  42. Canadian Dollar Outlook Hinges On BoC Rate Decision, Policy Report
  43. Gold Range at Risk Amid Bernanke Testimony, Fed
  44. Euro at Historical Midpoint Needs Collapse in Risk Appetite to Proceed
  45. Japanese Yen at the Heart of QE3 Debate, US Data and Bernanke in Focus
  46. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 07.16.2012
  47. Commodities May Weaken on Fading QE3 Bets, IMF Outlook Downgrade
  48. Currency Markets Look to US Economic Data, Earnings for Direction Cues
  49. German Court Delays ESM Decision by 8 Weeks
  50. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Weekly Outlook 07.16.2012
  51. Euro Back Under Pressure, Sterling May Threaten Range On BoE Policy
  52. Bank Research Consensus Weekly 07.16.12
  53. USD Index Struggles Ahead Of Bernanke Testimony, JPY Eyes June High
  54. US Dollar Sell-Off Offers Buying Opportunity versus Euro
  55. Poor US Data Stokes QE3 Hopes; Why the ECB’s New Stance is Important
  56. Bernanke Testimony To Prop Up USD, Euro Optimism To Be Short-Lived
  57. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 07.17.2012
  58. Crude Oil, Gold Vulnerable as Bernanke Disappoints on QE3 Hopes
  59. Markets to Look Past European Data as Bernanke Testimony Looms
  60. USDCAD: Trading the Bank of Canada Interest Rate Decision
  61. Dollar Posts First Two-Day Drop in a Month, Risk Slow to Confirm
  62. USD Index Breaks Below Weekly Support- Bernanke Testimony in Focus
  63. US Dollar Consolidates Near Lowest Level in Two-Weeks
  64. USD Looks Higher On Bernanke Testimony, AUD Weighed By Rate Outlook
  65. GBPUSD: Trading the Bank of England Minutes
  66. Fed
  67. USD Rebounds Ahead Of Fed
  68. Traders Follow Merkel’s Lead on Euro Doubts
  69. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 07.18.2012
  70. Dollar Selloff Hits Day Three as Stocks Rebound, Volatility Low
  71. Guest Commentary: Slovenia Doesn’t Need a Bailout, as Long as the Mood Doesn’t Deteri
  72. USD Index to Test Near-Term Support, Fed Beige Book to Offer Clarity
  73. Commodities Outlook Clouded as Risk Trends Weigh Competing Forces
  74. Euro May Bounce on PMI Stabilization but Spain and Greece Still Loom
  75. USDCAD: Trading Canada
  76. Dollar Rallies on Euro Pain and Risk Aversion, Is this the Turn?
  77. USD Graphic Rewind: Spain and Italy Set the Tone for the Week
  78. USD Graphic Rewind: Spain and Italy Set the Tone for the Week
  79. USD Index Holds Consolidation Pattern- Bullish Breakout Favored
  80. Euro Tumbles Produce Volatility and Trading Opportunities
  81. USD Index Poised For Bullish Breakout, AUD Weakness To Accelerate
  82. Bank Research Consensus Weekly 07.23.12
  83. Euro At Critical Juncture, Sterling Struggles Ahead Of 2Q GDP
  84. Greek PM Requests Changes to Bailout Agreement
  85. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 07.24.2012
  86. Euro Hit By Moody
  87. NZDUSD: Trading the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Rate Decision
  88. USD Index To Hold Range Ahead Of 2Q GDP, AUD Reversal Underway
  89. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 07.25.2012
  90. Euro Optimism To Fizzle Amid Renewed Threats For Greek Default
  91. Euro Reverses Week’s Losses on Pro-ESM Comments
  92. Commodities Rise on Risk Appetite Recovery, Earnings Docket in Focus
  93. Euro, Pound Vulnerable as UK GDP and German IFO Boost Rate Cut Bets
  94. Dollar Posts Biggest Three-Day Advance Since May as Risk Bends
  95. USD Advance Curbed by Persistent JPY Strength- Consolidation Ahead
  96. GBPUSD: Trading the U.K. 2Q GDP Report
  97. USD Index To Threaten Range,
  98. USD May Threaten Trend Ahead Of FOMC, GBP To Hold Range On BoE Policy
  99. Euro Rallies As ECB Pledges More Support, Sterling Range In Focus
  100. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 07.26.2012
  101. Draghi Says ECB Will Do Whatever It Takes to Preserve Euro
  102. Crude Oil Sold, Gold Supported as All Eyes Turn to US Data Docket
  103. Dollar, Major Currencies to Weigh US Data in Terms of Fed QE3 Bets
  104. Guest Commentary: Range Trading - Which Pairs Work Best?
  105. USD Index on Defense as Dow Snaps 3-Day Losing Streak- Range Narrows
  106. EURUSD: Trading the U.S. 2Q GDP Report
  107. Graphic Rewind: USD Implies that Market Confidence is at EU Summit Levels
  108. USD Outlook Hinges on 2Q GDP Data as Index Closes Above Key Support
  109. USD Threatens Major Trend Ahead Of FOMC, NFPs
  110. Euro Benefits From Bond Purchase Talk, USD Looks Higher Ahead Of FOMC
  111. Crude Oil Sold, Gold May Rise if US GDP Boosts Fed Stimulus Hopes
  112. Guest Commentary: Gold &Silver Daily Outlook 07.27.2012
  113. Markets Stay Quiet Between Draghi’s Comments and US 2Q GDP
  114. Dollar, Top Currencies to Judge US GDP Data in Terms of QE3 Outlook
  115. Dollar Bludgeoned by Euro and Risk Rebound, GDP Data on Deck
  116. Guest Commentary: US Unemployment - Not Only Wide, But Also Deep, Very Deep
  117. Italy Gives Greek-Like Warning Ahead of the ECB Meeting
  118. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.02.2012
  119. Dollar to Rise if ECB Fails to Deliver on Ambitious Stimulus Hopes
  120. Crude Oil, Gold to Fall if ECB Stimulus Falls Short of Expectations
  121. Guest Commentary: German Council of Experts Sees €3 Trillion Loss if Euro Breaks Up
  122. Euro Prepares for ECB Rate Decision
  123. USD Pops as Stocks Drop on FOMC Policy Hold- All Eyes on ECB
  124. EURUSD: Trading the European Central Bank Rate Decision
  125. USD Outlook Hinges On FOMC, Euro At Risk Amid Growing Opposition
  126. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.01.2012
  127. German Chatter Dims Hopes for ECB Action
  128. Euro Tumbles As ECB Disappoints, Sterling To Threaten Range On BoE
  129. UPDATE: Euro Plummets After ECB Refrains from Bond Buying Program
  130. USD Index Looks Higher Ahead Of NFPs, JPY Carving Short-Term Top
  131. USD Index Struggles Despite Strong NFPs- 9990 Remains Critical
  132. USD Rebound To Gather Pace On Stronger NFPs, EUR Carves Lower Top
  133. Will NFPs Stop the US Dollar Slide? Charts for Thought
  134. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.03.2012
  135. German Backlash Begins Following ECB Announcement
  136. Euro, Pound to Look Past PMI Data as All Eyes Turn to US Jobs Report
  137. Crude Oil, Gold Likely to Fall if US Jobs Data Underperforms
  138. Guest Commentary: 3 Ways to Limit Your Risk in Forex Trading
  139. Dollar Fundamentals Strengthening in Fed and ECB Wake, NFPs Next
  140. USD Rebounds off Critical Support Ahead of NFPs- Bullish Above 9990
  141. EURUSD: Trading the U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls Report
  142. Dollar at High Risk of a Bearish Break but Lack of Risk Prevents Trend
  143. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast-08.06.2012
  144. Australian Dollar Strength Hinges on Europe, RBA, Labor Market
  145. Euro Strength Will Only Persist if Spanish Yields Stay Low
  146. Japanese Yen to Look Past BOJ, Eyeing China CPI and Euro Crisis
  147. British Pound Range at Risk as BoE Inflation Report Comes Into Focus
  148. Gold Churns and Burns Traders Looking for the Breakout
  149. New Zealand Dollar to Appreciate Further on Faster Growth, Inflation
  150. US Dollar Avoids Stimulus Threat but Without Fear Currency Flounders
  151. Dollar Flat as Markets Digest US Jobs Report, Look for Next Catalyst
  152. Currency Markets Look to China CPI, Euro Crisis for Direction Cues
  153. Germany Sends Mixed Messages About Possible ECB Bond Purchases
  154. Dollar: Volume and Volatility Wither Just as Reversal Risk Mounts
  155. Complacency Sets Stage for US Dollar Losses, Euro and Aussie Gains
  156. AUDUSD: Trading the Reserve Bank of Australia Rate Decision
  157. Euro Inches Higher Against US Dollar; Yen Leads, Pound Trails
  158. USD Index Threatens Major Trend, JPY Outlook Hinges on BoJ Policy
  159. Bank Research Consensus Weekly 08.06.12
  160. Asian-Pacific Data in Focus in Wake of Fed, ECB, NFPs
  161. Euro Struggles as Italy Warns of Breakup, Sterling Range In Focus
  162. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Weekly Outlook 08.06.2012
  163. Graphic Rewind: US Dollar Rallies Amid Quiet Market Conditions
  164. Graphic Rewind: US Dollar Rallies Amid Quiet Market Conditions
  165. Australian Dollar: Risk Trends, Nascent Intervention Threat in Focus
  166. AUDUSD Offers Trade Setup Whether Activity Levels Stagnate or Recover
  167. Euro Poised for Breakdown, but Timing Eludes Us
  168. Gold to Threaten Range as Fed Talks Down QE3- FOMC Minutes on Tap
  169. Second Quarter GDP will Highlight Fragility of British Economy, Hurt GBP
  170. Japanese Yen at Risk for Further Weakness on Slowing Recovery
  171. Dollar: Return of Volatility Inevitable And With it a Dollar Rally?
  172. USD Rally To Accelerate On FOMC, AUD Outlook Weighed By RBA Policy
  173. Euro Optimism Fizzles Despite German Support, Continues To Carve Top
  174. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast-08.20.2012
  175. Dollar: Holding Trend in Carry Favorable Conditions is True Strength
  176. Dollar Loses Ground Monday but No Pressure Behind the Selling
  177. Graphic Rewind: US Dollar Trades Sideways On Low Market Volatility
  178. Thin Docket Makes Federal Reserve Minutes Increasingly Important
  179. FX Volatility at Five-Year Lows - How do we Trade?
  180. USD Consolidates Ahead Of FOMC Minutes, Index Poised For Breakout
  181. Bank Research Consensus Weekly 08.20.12
  182. Euro Outlook Turns Increasingly Bearish Amid Central Bank Rift
  183. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Weekly Outlook 08.20.12
  184. Bundesbank Sees Significant Risk in the ECB Bond Plan, Euro Declines
  185. Commodities Tread Water as Risk Trends Look for Direction
  186. Australian Dollar Corrects Higher, US Dollar Consolidates in Asia
  187. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.17.2012
  188. Dollar Sold as China Boosts Funding Provision, Spain Bill Sale on Tap
  189. USD Remains Under Pressure Despite
  190. Crude Oil Sold on Japan Export Drop, Gold Supported Before Fed Minutes
  191. Guest Commentary: ESM Seniority could be the Breaking Point for Finland
  192. Dollar Gains on Japan Export Slump, Greece and FOMC Now in Focus
  193. Dollar Retreats against Euro but Risk Trends Notably Absent
  194. USDCAD: Trading Canada
  195. Euro Crisis Jitters, Fed Stimulus Hopes in Focus for Currency Markets
  196. USD Index Under Pressure Ahead of FOMC Minutes- 9990 Back in View
  197. USD Index Continues To Build Base, AUD Outlook Unfazed By RBA Minutes
  198. EUR Rallies on Greater Support for Bond Purchases, GBP Breaks Out
  199. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.21.2012
  200. Euro Rises on Speculation that ECB Might Ignore Bundesbank Objections
  201. Samaras Confirms Expectations that Greece Needs More Time to Cut Deficit
  202. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.22.2012
  203. Euro Marches Higher On Growing ECB Bets, Sterling Correction Underway
  204. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.23.2012
  205. Samaras Pleads Greece’s Case and Says ’Grexit’ Would be a Disaster
  206. Commodities Rally May Stall as US Economic Data Tempers QE3 Bets
  207. Guest Commentary: Greed in Forex Trading
  208. Dollar Selling Extends into Asian Trade, Eurozone PMI Data on Tap
  209. Dollar Breaks Year-Long Bull Trend as FOMC Leans Towards Stimulus
  210. USD Plummets on Dovish FOMC- Key Support Break Risks Further Declines
  211. US Dollar Graphic Rewind: QE3 Speculation Shakes Up the Markets
  212. USD Maintains Bullish Trend, Rebound To Accelerate On Less Dovish Fed
  213. Euro Struggles Ahead Of Key Data, Pound Bucks Trend
  214. USD Index Presses Key Support as Rally Fizzles Ahead of Jackson Hole
  215. Markets to Look Past European Event Risk to Focus on US Data Docket
  216. Commodities Look to US Data to Set the Stage Before Jackson Hole
  217. Draghi Strikes Back at Critics and EU Calls for a Banking Union
  218. USD Struggles Amid Growing Case For QE3, JPY Unfazed By Growth Fears
  219. Oil Higher on Supply-Disruption Fears, Metals Set Sights on US Data
  220. Euro Remains Capped As Optimism Fizzles, ECB Independence At Risk
  221. US Dollar Seen Higher as Bernanke Disappoints, Euro Crisis Festers
  222. Yen Gains as Government Cuts Outlook, Euro Vulnerable on Crisis Fears
  223. EURUSD: Trading the U.S. Consumer Confidence Report
  224. US Dollar Breaks as Volatility Tumbles - How do We Trade?
  225. Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium Trumps US GDP Amid Thin Docket
  226. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.29.2011
  227. Euro Struggles As ECB Presents Systemic Risk, Sterling Bucks Trend
  228. USD Advance at Risk Ahead of Bernanke as Index Presses Key Resistance
  229. Musings on Jackson Hole and What the Fed Could Do to Save QE3
  230. USD Index Poised For Breakout, AUD Trend Remains Intact Ahead Of RBA
  231. Euro Holds Major Trend Amid Weakening Outlook, Sterling Outperforms
  232. China Says Yes to European Bonds, Germans Say No to ECB Purchases
  233. Crude Oil, Gold Edge Lower But Follow-Through to Wait for Bernanke
  234. Euro Looks Beyond German Jobs Data to Italian Bond Sale Outcome
  235. Guest Commentary: Volatility Returning - Lower Your Leverage
  236. USD Index Holds Key Support as Fed Beige Book Weighs on QE3 Prospects
  237. EURUSD: Trading the German Unemployment Report
  238. USD Index Looks Higher Ahead Of Jackson Hole, GBP Advances On BoE
  239. USD Outlook Hinges On Bernanke, Euro To Falter Should ECB Disappoint
  240. Guest Commentary: Gold & Silver Daily Outlook 08.31.2012
  241. Merkel Supports a Discouraged Weidmann in Fight Against ECB Plan
  242. US Dollar Expected to Rise as Fed QE3 Hopes Fizzle at Jackson Hole
  243. Commodities Vulnerable as Bernanke Disappoints Hopes for Stimulus
  244. Guest Commentary: Food Stamps Usage Still Rising
  245. UPDATE: Dollar Sheds Post-Bernanke Gains, but Rates Favor USD Strength
  246. USD Struggles Despite Little Hints of QE3- Well Supported Above 9937
  247. Euro Vulnerable to Disappointment on ECB Bond-Buying Scheme
  248. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast-09.03.2012
  249. Gold Hits 5-Month High on Fed Outlook- Pullback to Offer Buy Entry
  250. Fed Indicates Willingness to Help Economy; NFPs Crucial for USD