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  1. Techs piling into EUR/CAD shorts, USD/CAD spills lower
  2. Spanish central government to set up emergency fund for regions
  3. NY Fed primary dealer survey shows 50/50 chance of QE3 within a year
  4. Spanish deputy PM says nothing
  5. Stock recovery fizzles; EUR dipping
  6. Spain to regions: Relax
  7. US DATA: Tsy June Budget prints slightly better than.
  8. US June US government deficit $59.7 bln, smidge lower than expected
  9. Stocks making a comeback; Risk recovering
  10. US DATA: Private real est reports from Miller Samuel.
  11. US readies additional sanctions against Iran
  12. WEBINAR: The Traders Course with Greg Michalowski, 4 PM today
  13. EUR/CAD takes out 2010 low
  14. Key US Senator Says Fiscal Cliff Forcing Major Budget Decisions
  15. It’s hotter in Karlsruhe than you think
  16. US sells 30-year bonds at 2.580%
  17. How do you know Obama has lost his adoring media?
  18. A helpful primer on the new European alphabet soup
  19. AUD/USD holds the line but Chinese GDP a major risk
  20. US Rep Boehner:’Inappropriate’ For Hill To Pass China FX Bill
  21. QE the most effective tool if further action needed- SF Fed’s Williams
  22. Analysis: Does Key Economic Data Leak From Labor Department?
  23. WEBINAR: The Traders Course with Greg Michalowski, 4 PM today
  24. Fed’s Williams: Don’t see real progress on unemployment until 2014
  25. ForexLive North American wrap: Euro climbs back after new lows
  26. Outlook for tonight:
  27. Order Board , Resistance/Support Levels:
  28. Poll : China GDP Does anyone know the REAL NBR ?
  29. It’s hotter in Karlsruhe than you think
  30. IMF to send team to Greece for discussion on bailout conditions
  31. Today’s option expiries
  32. ForexLive Asia Wrap Up:
  33. Ideas corner / July 13th 2012
  34. China 2Q GDP 7.6% as expected
  35. Euro bounce back pre-China numbers
  36. BBG: Azumi declines comment on Moody’s downgrade of Italy
  37. PBOC fixes Yuan rate at 6.3247 vs. 6.3215 yesterday
  38. CNBC: Lagarde:”To soon for extension of Greek bailout terms”
  39. BBG: China Daily report State researcher Zhu says ;
  40. RTRS: Moody’s Downgrades Italy’s Bond rating
  41. FT: Bank’s Libor cost may hit $22bln.
  42. BoF Survey:France Retail Sales Rebounded In June, But 2Q Weak
  43. Spaniards feel sting of big budget cuts
  44. Italian 10 year govt bond yield up 9 bps at 6%
  45. Geithner Tried to Curb Rate Rigging in 2008
  46. Poll-time!!
  47. Today’s orderboard
  48. German govt economic advisor Bofinger: Italy better placed than Germany in terms of s
  49. European stocks seen opening higher
  50. Bank of Japan Offers Cautious View On Overseas Economies
  51. America’s economy: Points of light
  52. Austerity reaches the Hollande government in France
  53. All eyes on Italy today…..
  54. Officials tell Osborne a further £65 bln of cuts is needed by 2061 to avoid ‘unsustai
  55. Japan May Output Revised -3.4% M/M Vs Prelim -3.1%
  56. EURUSD looks to break out from the ties that bind
  57. Italian debt trades pretty well despite downgrade last night
  58. BOE Publishes King, Giethner Correspondence On Libor Reform
  59. GBPUSD tests 50% and 100 hour MA. Key level.
  60. JPM admits that CIO group mismarked hundreds of billions in CDS in effort to artifici
  61. EUR/AUD heading south again….
  62. REBROADCAST WEBINAR: The Traders Course with Greg Michalowski
  63. JPM release earnings: Announces $4.4 billion CIO loss, $3.1 billion in “profits” from
  64. Orderboard (updated)
  65. Four golden rules the financial crisis has taught us about the banking industry
  66. JP Morgan Q2 net income $5 bln/$1.21 per share, after revenues of $22.9 billion
  67. Germany Expects Parliament To Back Aid For Spain Next Week
  68. Hope today’s being kind to you all….
  69. European morning wrap: Week ending with a wimper
  70. Update: Merkel To Allow Greece A Few Weeks Extra Time: Press
  71. BOE Launches Funding For Lending As Complement To QE
  72. BOE lending plan (FLS) may boost credit by at least £80bln
  73. Finnish parliament to discuss Spanish bailout on July 19
  74. China’s PBOC 2012 stability report: China to maintain ‘prudent’ monetary policy this
  75. Merkel’s euro debt crisis management approval rises
  76. Bids scattered from 1.2170 down to 1.2150
  77. ANALYSIS: US Jun PPI +0.1%,Core +0.2%;Gas in Severe Adj +1.9%
  78. US DATA: Jun PPI +0.1%, core +0.2% (+0.2197% for…..
  79. Euro starting to wilt on the crosses but no Friday the 13th massacre yet
  80. US June PPI +0.7% y/y vs +0.2% exp
  81. Greece: Two out of three IS bad
  82. ForexLive North American wrap: Euro shorts squeezed
  83. Fed’s Lockhart: Closer To QE3 Camp; But Only If Outlk Worsens
  84. S&P 500 gains 1.7% to 1357
  85. Fed’s Lacker: I still dissent
  86. Euro shorts climb but remain well-below record in CFTC positioning report
  87. Expect euro shorts to jump in CFTC report
  88. A chance for Treasury yields to base
  89. Lockhart sounds like he’s jumping off the fence
  90. Fed’s Lockhart: new round of QE3 would include MBS
  91. Gonna take more bad news to get QE3: Lockhart
  92. Lockhart says FOMC view changed ‘fairly rapidly’ from April to June
  93. CFTC strengthens protection of customer funds. No, really.
  94. Fed’s Lockhart: Mon Pol Untenable If Econ Cont On Currnt Track
  95. GBPUSD makes a new high
  96. EUR/JPY remains in downtrend but nearing support
  97. Mr. Market still trying to get back to square
  98. US BudgetWatch: Democrats,GOP Intensify Tax Cut Skirmishing
  99. Fed’s Lockhart: Policy “untenable” if economy remains on current track
  100. Stocks near technical hurdle
  101. He’s baaack!
  102. German court must decide on rescue fund by Sept: Juncker
  103. Most Greeks want new govt to renegotiate bailout: poll
  104. China wheels out ways to boost slow economy
  105. Comeback kid
  106. German finance minister confident of court response to bailout
  107. Eurozone May trade balance 6.9 bln euros
  108. Euro zone June inflation -0.1% m/m, +2.4% y/y
  109. USD/JPYand EUR/JPY heading for sell stops
  110. “We do not want a more German Europe”
  111. Germany Court: First Ruling On ESM, Fiscal Compact On Sept 12
  112. EMU Data: MNI Survey Of Econ Data F-casts July 16 to 20
  113. Germany Data: MNI Survey Of Econ Data F-casts July 16 to 20
  114. German Constitutional Court says to announce ruling on ESM/fiscal pact on September 1
  115. BIS seen buying EUR/USD
  116. Only the Dutch would….
  117. Shanghai share index closes down -1.7%
  118. Today’s orderboard
  119. France Readies Plans To Save Car Sector,Boost Competitiveness
  120. Juncker: Do Not Expect German Court To Block ESM: Press
  121. Stanchart: Sees 3 more Chinese RRR cuts, 1 interest rate cut in 2012
  122. Finland, Spain may conclude collateral talks today, YLE says
  123. Moody’s: Australia state ratings under pressure
  124. No 11 prepares ‘for life after Osborne’
  125. China’s “heart atack” in June: Beijing overstated Q2 growth
  126. Bleak outlook as forecast for global growth is cut by IMF
  127. Update 3: Ex-Barclays COO Cites BOE Tucker In Libor Cut Chain
  128. CAD/JPY the laggard ahead of BOC decision
  129. Update: Ex-Barclays COO Cites BOE Tucker In Libor Cut Chain
  130. Ex-Barclays COO: Cites BOE Tucker In Libor Low Balling Chain
  131. European stock market close: Rebound into the close
  132. US DATA: Max mtg index +4.5% to 177.0 in Jul 13 week.
  133. Euro and sterling hit fresh highs
  134. The GBPUSD has kept the faith
  135. Spanish yields continuing higher, US 10s on brink of fresh record
  136. EURUSD rotating back higher
  137. Pressure building on UK to soften austerity
  138. US DATA: FHFA’s May HARP refi report says HARP loans.
  139. US CongressWeek: Bernanke To Testify To Hill On Mon Policy
  140. MNI US Retail Trade Indicator 60.9 Thru July 14 Vs 61.4
  141. USDJPY finally breaks below 200 day MA
  142. Hopes Fading For Intervention To Lower EMU Peripheral Yields
  143. US May Business Inventories Rose 0.3%; Retail Jumps 1.0%
  144. US DATA: Business inv +0.3% in May vs +0.2% business.
  145. US May business inventories +0.3% vs +0.2% exp
  146. ECB Bond Buy Program In Hibernation For 18 Weeks
  147. Noyer says ECB can’t continue bond buys forever
  148. ECB’s Noyer: Must Cut Link Between EMU Sovereigns And Banks
  149. Time for some creative ideas at the Fed
  150. Bernanke Excerpt:Will Do What Is Needed To Ensure Job Growth
  151. EURUSD back above 200 hour MA. Little steps being taken
  152. Sicily now says Italy owes it 1B euros
  153. Carney says Canada facing severe headwinds from abroad
  154. REBROADCAST: The Traders Course with Greg Michalowski
  155. Solid gains for European stocks
  156. Bernanke Q&A Excerpt: Europe Not Close To Long Term Solution
  157. NZDUSD moves higher on “risk on” buying.
  158. Bernanke: “I don’t think [Europe} is close to finding a long-term solution”
  159. Carlyle Group: Worse Fates Than US Walking Off Fiscal Cliff
  160. Goldman Sachs sees Fed extending guidance before Sept with easing in Dec or later
  161. Bernanke Q&A Excerpt:Raising Rates Too Soon Cld Cause Rcssion
  162. Europe’s Negative Core Yields Highlight North-South Divide
  163. Correlations, what correlations?
  164. Bernanke doesn’t see double-dip recession
  165. USDCAD moves toward the 200 day MA
  166. US DATA: By the way, report on state budgets said is.
  167. US DATA: wk 13-Jul EIA Crude Oil Stocks -0.8m bbl to.
  168. A testament to Bernanke’s forecasting track record
  169. Bernanke begins taking questions in Day 2
  170. Bernanke Excerpt:Equally Uncmfortable with 1% Or 3% Inflation
  171. Looks like Libor headed to the scrap heap of history
  172. Bernanke wraps it up
  173. Update: Merkel: Optimistic Parliament To Back Spain Aid Thurs
  174. Macro manager says short GBP
  175. ForexLive North American wrap: Nowotny has a licence thrill
  176. Dovish RBNZ sets up NZD/USD for 0.7500
  177. US House Approves Rep. Paul’s Bill For Full Fed Audit By GAO
  178. Nikkei: Japan to allocate 1T yen for economic revival plan
  179. RBNZ decision awaited…What levels to watch.
  180. I’m feeling risky…
  181. US’s Reid: Senate To Vote At 4PM on Dem, GOP Tax Cut Plans
  182. US’s Geithner Remains Mired In Questions About LIBOR
  183. WSJ: Fed could twist into MBS
  184. UK’s gold medal from the ratings agency could be downgraded to silver
  185. And stocks are up 105 points….
  186. Egan-Jones cuts Italy to CCC+ from B+: Reuters
  187. AUD/USD reacting to its latest export
  188. Almost time for a QE3 rumor…
  189. USD/CAD falls to two-day low
  190. Citi: Threat of euro short squeeze exaggerated
  191. EUR/USD sees a little demand at 17:00 GMT fixing
  192. AUDJPY retraces most of yesterday’s move lower but stalls
  193. IMF official: China may be done with stimulus
  194. USD continues to rise against Chinese yuan, Romney avoids manipulator rhetoric
  195. US Hill Reacts In Partisan Ways To Admin’s Budget Update
  196. Been a long time since we’ve seen volatility like that…
  197. Text: Excerpts From OMB Mid-Session Budget Review
  198. White House: Now Expects $1.2T 2012 Deficit Vs $1.32T Prev Est
  199. Bundesbank: Weidmann and Draghi have reasons to meet – CNBC
  200. Personally I think Draghi’s going to have his hands full with some ECB members
  201. Anyone want to have a go at my Super Poll?
  202. US DATA: OMB Midsession Budget Review also sees FY13.
  203. US DATA: OMB Midsession Budget Review is out, sees…
  204. How did I get here?
  205. EURUSD back to the support area
  206. ….and EURAUD gives it all away
  207. Nothing to see here, move along…
  208. US Treasury Still Mum on Geithner Germany Trip Monday
  209. It is what it is
  210. US bonds extend slide as stocks fly on Super Mario’s nuclear options
  211. Draghi said to favor giving ESM banking license: Bloomberg
  212. I like the cut of that Draghi fellow’s jib…
  213. Gold back at the 100 day MA
  214. EURJPY takes another step higher today.
  215. Obama, Romney Spar Over Jobs; Glass Half-Full Or Half Empty?
  216. WSJ: Door still open to Fed action
  217. Pretty bullish if we close up here
  218. Journal’s Hilsenrath: Jobs data not strong enough to dissuade Fed from easing
  219. Eurozone finance ministers to meet Sept 3
  220. Two big figures in the euro but shorts still have bullets
  221. Finnish PM: ECB can’t balance your budget
  222. Oil blasting higher
  223. European equity close: Off to the races
  224. UK Highlights of Market News’ Forecast Surveys, Events
  225. Australian weekend press focused on housing, banks
  226. I once was short but now I’m caught…
  227. US BudgetWatch: Hill,Not Fiscal Rhetoric, Begins 5 Week Recess
  228. Analysts: Jobs Data Reduce But Don’t Eliminate QE3 Chances
  229. Zerohedge: Curb your enthusiasm
  230. Can’t keep a good euro down!
  231. Got risk?
  232. The Bernank to hold a “Town Hall meeting” with teachers on Tuesday
  233. ISM’s Nieves concerned about employment
  234. Next Wk/US: Trade Balance, Initial Claims,Consumer Credit
  235. I’d like to thank Mr. Market for adding 2% to my net worth today
  236. Negative interest rates spell final defeat for beleaguered savers
  237. Rogue trader culture is more rife than ever
  238. Today’s option expiries
  239. Is it Groundhog day?…
  240. RBA leaves cash rate unchanged at 3.50%
  241. Ideas corner- August 7th 2012
  242. ForexLive Asia Wrap Up
  243. Azumi: Japan To Extend Facility To Fight Yen Till Next March
  244. Aussie $ Poll
  245. New Poll for the month of August
  246. Germany and Italy near blows over euro
  247. PBOC sets Yuan rate at 6.3332 vs. 6.3353 yesterday
  248. BBG: StanChart Says 99.9% of Iran Transaction Complied With Rules
  249. Japan’s bond futures trading halted on Tokyo Stock Exchange
  250. Japan Finance Minister Azumi speaking